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Why do we use the word “queer”? Social activism provides the choice to reclaim language that has historically been used against us, and defiantly use it as language that empowers us.

A simple word describing the “not-normal” was appealing to us in fostering the most inclusive community possible.

We are committed to showcasing the LGBTQ+ Community with a view that is different from the majority, and believe that anyone can have a queer perspective—no matter your sex, orientation, gender, or social background. Our mission is to share the voices of our queer community and celebrate our achievements and our queer culture.

We live in a world of colorful and vibrant diversity; a world that is constantly evolving in our understanding of the truth about ourselves and our coexistence. There will always be the truth that love transcends all of our labels. Regardless of our differences in beliefs, culture, and social context, we come to the basic realization that we are all connected. We need to respect each other, accepting and celebrating our differences and the mosaic of queer and straight perspectives. Through authentic and open discussion, we can celebrate diversity and create a world that is inclusive for all of us, and our future generations.

On Queer View Mirror, we will hear stories from real people who have triumphed in their journey to becoming their true selves. They are people who dared to be different and are making a difference in the world today.

Join us in celebrating the Queer View Mirror. We welcome the perspectives of all our queer friends and allies in the movement for equality and inclusion.

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Don Tecson

Donato Donovan “Don” Tecson born, March 6, 1963 in the Philippines has had quite the journey to get to the point where he finally feels liberated and celebratory in coming to be his true authentic self. Being born in a country at a time and a culture that shunned and condemned the LGBTQ+ community, he had no choice but to play it straight. Don played it straight for 51 years of his life. Don joined Pentecostal bible based church in 1983. He rose to the rank of the third top minister of the church’s hierarchy. It was in this church where he got his 1st exposure and experience in television production. He played the role of host, writer, director and executive producer of the church’s TV show: Turn On To Jesus which aired live on major TV stations in the country. He got married to his now ex wife in June 1986 and has three sons out of the marriage.

In 2008 Don and his family moved to Canada and Don held an his official coming out party attended by his circle of closest friends. In 2019 Don registered his own production company : RAINBOW WAVE PRODUCTIONS.

Don says : "I believe, that every human being on planet earth has these two magnificent powers. The power to choose, and the power to create. We can maximize the power to create by always choosing to do the right thing, and the very first thing to choose, is to choose to be your authentic self."

Scott De Freitas-Graff

Career specialist by day, writer, published author, events planner, storyteller, professional speaker, human advocate and founding member of Daring to Share™, social media manager, & now, TV personality.

Scott De Freitas-Graff is a busy man and he endeavours to effect positive change in all aspects of his life. He strives to embody Queer View Mirror's core values of authenticity, inclusivity, communication, fun and innovation in whatever he's working on!

You can reach him at

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